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India being a agrarian country, more than half of country’s total workforce are working in agriculture and it’s supporting sectors like fisheries, forestry, etc. Agriculture and its allied activities act as main source of livelihood for more than 80 per cent population of rural India. It provides employment to approximately 52 per cent of labour. As for as farm production, India ranks largest producer of wheat and rice in the world and largest producer of sugarcane and items like milk, fresh fruits, spices, jute and millets. India ranks among the top five producers of many agricultural items like coffee and cotton. The backbone of our Indian economy is agriculture which contributes about sixteen per cent (16%) of total GDP and ten per cent (10%) of total exports. With staple food as rice and wheat, India also exports rice to countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Africa and others. Over years, the challenges of climate change, globalization, decreasing natural resources and declining farm profitability urges to convert farming from a way of life to mode of business. In order to sustain, diversify and realize the potential of agriculture sectors, it is necessary to develop skilled human resources through quality education and training. With this major emphasis, Imayam Institute of Agriculture and technology (IIAT) was started in 2013 at Kannanur, Thuraiyur taluk of Trichy district, Tamil Nadu. This institution would impart value based education for students as well as research for the empowerment of rural people and farmers. Along with quality education, outreach activities and extension programmes are being carried out for empowerment of rural society.


Our vision is to educate students including those from rural families and transforming them as enlightened individuals with higher standard of morality to enhance the livelihood of farming community.


We at IIAT will impart futuristic technical education in agriculture domain and instill high level of etiquette through our dedicated staff members thereby students could pioneer technologically and contribute for the betterment of our rural society.


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Imayam Institute of Agriculture & Technology

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